Football Manager 2014

So it’s finally here, albeit only a Beta version of the game. Football Manager 2014 has arrived to wind away countless hours made up of joyous promotions and devastating losses to local rivals. Get the suits ironed and ready fellow armchair managers.

FM14 has brought about some quite radical changes in terms of tactical options. As well as the introduction of 8 new roles the old slider system has also been completely removed and replaced entirely with shouts, more akin with how football is managed in real life. This not only adds to the realism but coupled with the new roles allows for the creation of more modern day tactics.

As a lot of people know I am a lover of 3 at the back formations, and that is where the vast majority of my tactical developments will lean towards on this years game. From the few experiments I have had on the beta it seems that the way a flat back three plays out in the ME has improved dramatically, with the DCL/R pushing wide as usually happens in real life. I also love the way the Regista and Enganche play out in the match engine, so will also be working towards incorporating both them roles into my tactics. As a starting point this is what I am going to be working towards:


Like many other football fans the world over I have also become an admirer of the style and philosophy of Borussia Dortmund under Jurgen Klopp. The way in which they win the ball back and very quickly move vertically up the pitch coupled with fluid movement in the attacking areas makes them an absolute joy to watch.  This is going to be the third main aim of my main tactical experiments on this years game.

Now for all the tactical plans and experiments I still need a team to work towards this perfect style with, I could pick a ready made team such as Juventus or Dortmund but that does sort of take some of the fun out of the game, I have always been a fan of building a playing style into a club from the ground up and bringing them up the leagues whilst also incorporating a footballing style. Similar to the Swansea model in the English leagues. With that in mind I have selected a team from each of the top European countries, a team that is lower down the leagues and am going to leave it up to followers of the blog to decide where to start my career. Here they are:

So there are my choices, now its up to you guys. I will be following my career save with a number of blog posts, hopefully one a week if not more just keeping track of how the team is getting on. I will also be keeping a lot more tactical based articles, some based around my career save charting the transition between the starting philosophy and the gradual change to how I want the team to play. No doubt there will also be a number of random tactical articles thrown in the mix when I decide to run off on a tangent and do something different. The first tactical article will be up this coming week looking at the finer details of how I want my teams to play.

I will be starting the career save after the full game is released, so get voting people.

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2 thoughts on “Football Manager 2014

  1. ben says:

    Why don’t you play as Stoke? Would probably be quite a hard challenge to change the way they play while still competing in the hardest league. Also, would be a challenge to not change philosophy quickly but to do it over time in order to create a sustainable team?

    • fmmanager23 says:

      Not a bad shout but I fancy starting in a non top league and building up with promotions etc. Cheers for the recommendation though, I do agree it would be quite a challenge

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